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Making the decision to sell your home is just the first step in a multi-faceted process. When you interview a Fred Miller Group Realtor®, you can expect a professional who listens to your goals and priorities, knows the market, and has a plan for marketing your home to the right audience.

 Pre-Listing Checklist

1. Make the decision to sell your home. This seems obvious and maybe redundant, but if you intend to list your home for sale, you should intend to sell it. "Testing the waters" muddies the marketplace with extra listings, wastes your time, potential buyers' time, and the time of the real estate professionals involved. If you list your home, be prepared to sell it.

2. Take stock. Turn a critical eye on your home and put yourself in the shoes of a picky buyer. How does it look, inside and out? Few people live in homes that are ready to be shown to the public all the time. Now is the time to build a list of things to repair, replace, clean, and simply purge.

3. Consider having a home inspection. Prepare yourself for what a buyer may ask you to repair, and uncover issues of which you may be unaware. You do not need to fix every problem the inspector finds, but it is a helpful process to help set your expectations.

4. Get your finances in order. This may seem like a buyer task that's been misplaced on this list - but contacting your mortgage company to request a payoff estimate is a good idea. Moving expenses, repairs, and price negotiations can exceed your initial expectations, and knowing where you stand and having the ability to prepare in advance will help your home sale go smoothly.

5. Interview several Realtors. Make sure you speak to several professionals to get a feel for their style, level of expertise, and ability to listen to your goals and desires. When you choose a Realtor to handle the sale of your home, simply selecting the agent who estimated the highest market value for your home is not necessarily the best way to hire a good Realtor. Take into account several factors that are also important to you - even if a buyer makes an offer on the first day, you will work closely with your Realtor for at least a month.

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Seller Checklist

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